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Stress Less, Coach More

You want a business you love…with freedom and a fat bank account.

Most coaches have an incredible vision for their business and simply need someone to help them implement and execute their plans.

You know you have a gift that you want to share with the world, you just don’t want to spend all day (every day!) at your computer handling every little thing needed to have a successful online business.

You want help, but you don’t need someone who can simply “do tasks”.  You want a partner who will help you take your business, your vision and your dream exactly where you want it to go.  Someone who will treat your baby like it’s their own.  A partner who can not only handle the little things, but the big things, too.

Someone who thinks about your business when they aren’t “on the clock” and is always looking for ways to improve systems, add value and grow.

I’m Molly Steiner and I am a digital strategist and the leader of your new virtual team.

“AFTER THE FIRST 5 DAYS WORKING WITH MOLLY I HAVE DOUBLED MY SALES! I am thrilled with how she has taught me how to utilize systems in my business (and life!) that give me more time in my day to do the things I love.  I can now focus on coaching instead of the day in and day out tasks of running my business. Thank you!” Joanna Smith, Health & Wellness Coach

Ways to Work With Me

One-on-One Coaching

Get to the heart of what’s happening in your business quickly and see why you aren’t achieving the success you deserve and want. I customize every 1-on-1 program to fit you and your unique personal & professional needs.

Group Coaching

My signature group coaching program is unlike anything you have ever done before.  I take a very small group of coaches and spend 6 weeks creating a system that not only gets sales, but allows you to scale effectively and efficiently.

Join the Community

Join my FREE Facebook Community for Coaches!  I provide Daily, Tips, Tricks and Inspiration to simplify and systematize your business, plus it’s a great way to meet other coaches, network, find partners and more!  Join >> HERE <<

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