Have you ever written down your negative thoughts or emotions on paper but still feel those feelings lingering in your presence? Journaling is an excellent way to work through a negative experience or feelings and I highly recommend it on a daily basis.  But, there are times that even when I am done “getting it all out” on paper I still a sense of dissatisfaction.  When the feelings are deep, am really hurt about something, I do a “write it out and burn”.  By writing your thoughts out and then permanently disposing of the paper with your negative thoughts, you are refocusing your mind and energy right back to what is important” the present and yourself!
Start by allowing your emotions to completely flow. Sit down in a comfortable position and start at the top of the page, writing everything that comes to your mind. Write in complete sentences, or jot down points. You can be as sporadic as you want to be or as organized as you prefer. From a disagreement at work to family-related stress and everything in between, this is your time to get all of that negativity onto another canvas.
This exercise alone has helped me for years deal with the day-to-day stressors of life to to some major changes, shifts, and disappointments throughout the way.  Even though I believe keeping a journal is one of the very best ways to maintain my own peace and sanity, sometimes I need more.
Once you have filled your paper and cleared out your thoughts, take your paper to a safe space, outdoors, and let it burn! I have a small, old coffee tin I keep out on my porch that works perfectly for this.  Sometimes I use the opportunity to do this spiritually cleansing exercise when I am out in nature hiking or camping (where there are fire rings, of course!)  Either way, find a safe place and let it burn, baby!
As the paper is burning, imagine all of those negative thoughts disappearing into thin air, no longer a worry and no longer holding you back. Feel your worries dispersing into absolutely nothing, completely meaningless and irrelevant.   It may seem like a small detail in the journaling process, but I promise you it is a very powerful one.
Feel as though you need a bit more? Have a little ceremony. Enjoy your burning with a glass of lemon water, freshly squeezed fruit juice, or a smoothie. Refocus your energy on the present rather than the past, and send those paper ashes away with every reminder of negativity they once brought to you. It’s time to refocus your mind and soul!  Chant one of your affirmations (in your head or quietly to yourself) to fully replace the negative with something positive.
The greatest satisfaction will come from the burning. Just be sure to burn your paper away from household linens and clothing, outdoors, and in a contained non flammable space! Give it a try! You’ll be surprised with the satisfaction a little burning can bring. Goodbye negativity, hello present happiness!
So tell me…did you try it?  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments – I would love to hear!