I think at this point it’s no secret sugar is very, very bad for us. There are many health articles that even compare sugar to highly addictive illicit drugs. As someone who has recovered from a drug additction and subsequent food addiction, I can first hand tell you that it’s real and it can be very harmful to our body and mind.
If you feel like you need to cut back on the bad sugar (not sugar that is naturally occuring in fruits and vegetables, but sugar that is added to processed foods like soda and baked goods), here are five surprising side effects of ditching sugar.

You slow the aging process.

That’s right, you can stop dropping mad cash on those fancy skin creams and just make the switch to a sugar-free lifestyle. Glycation is a process which occurs in our bodies causing sugar to attach to collagen (the stuff that makes your skin appear smooth and tight). This causes inflammation and reduced effectiveness from the collagen and elastin which causes the skin to appear dull and wrinkles to appear more pronounced.

You sleep better.

It makes sense that less sugar would help with sleep since blood sugar irregularities are the second leading cause of insomnia. When you reduce or eliminate sugar you’ll also ensure that you get all the beauty sleep you need and wake up feeling excited instead of exhausted.

You lose weight.

Studies show reducing sugar is a much more effective way to lose weight than reducing fat. The best part is that you don’t have to cut calories or feel deprived with this system. It’s a sustainable and easy way to shed some pounds and increase your overall health.

Your immune system gets stronger.

Sugar weakens the immune system making you more susceptible to foreign invaders and illness. When you ditch sugar, you’ll notice you get sick much less often and you’ll feel more energized.

More brain power.

You’ll find that when you get rid of sugar it’s much easier to focus and get your work done. Brain fog clears and you’re left feeling clear and confident.
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