Meditation can often be associated with religion, although it doesn’t have to be religious. People of most faiths have some sort of meditation. For some religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, meditation is actually a formal practice.
In other religions it’s less formal. In fact, prayer in Judeo-Christian religions is a form of mediation where you become connected to source. For some people, meditation is more about spirituality than actual religion.
Growing up in a pretty strict Catholic household, you would think that meditation had no part in my life, but it actually did!  I got involved with youth group and other programs at a very young again and, as luck would have it, my leaders understood the importance of quieting young minds.  We would listen to guided meditation often and it truly has shaped my ability to use this
You’ll need to look at meditation in your own life and decide how it fits your personal religious and spiritual beliefs. Remember that there really aren’t any rules when it comes to meditation- it needs to be right for you.